Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes

Workers compensation insurance, also known as ‘workers comp’ is essential and in most cases compulsory for all business owners with Employees. Whether you employ one person or thousands, it is important to get the right advice about Workers Compensation Insurance to protect you and your employees from work related injuries.


What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation Insurance is generally cover for medical costs and wages associated with a workplace injury. Each state and territory within Australia currently have different legislation covering workers compensation insurance. Each state has its own specific requirements about who is insured and who is not covered by a policy, what types of injuries they are and are not covered for, what expenses are covered, and how a premium is calculated.

If your company operates in multiple states, depending on your situation, one policy may actually be sufficient, in other cases, you may require multiple policies per state of operation. Our brokers can help you understand what requirements pertain to your business and recommend affordable insurance products and payment plans to suit. For specific advice and quotations relating to your business, call us on 1300 429 707.


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