"Am I insured for using a drone in my business?"

Drones are becoming more commonplace in Australian Business. However many operators are unaware of the legal requirements to operate a drone or UAV and often haven't considered the insurance implications before using a drone in their business.

The average business owner may not be aware that many liability insurance policies exclude damage or injury arising from ownership, the use of, repairs to, or products sold for the purpose of Aircraft, or, in some policies 'anything that flies'. This means that if the drone suddenly fell whether from user error, low battery, loss or range, or signal malfunction; if that drone damaged property or if it injured someone, there would be no cover under most business liability policies.

In addition to the Liability Insurance requirements, there are also Legal Compliance requirements to consider particularly if your business is close to an Airport or other restricted airspace. For more information on UAV Operators Certificates, click here

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